Is Efficient Sufficient?

Mar 2010 – Product policy, Reports & books

Is efficient sufficient? The case for shifting our emphasis in energy specifications to progressive efficiency and sufficiency. This was the title of an eceee report from 2010 which was followed by an eceee seminar.

The key message in this report is very simple: energy efficiency standards need to be progressive in nature, i.e., with increasing size, speed or capacity, the requirements for efficiency needs to be tougher. For instance, a large TV should have tougher requirements for energy use per square inch than a smaller one. If we don’t apply this way of thinking, our products will indeed be more efficient, yet they will keep consuming more and more energy.

Below you will find the original report as well as the report from the seminar held in May 2010.

is efficient sufficient report cover

Is efficient sufficient? The case for shifting our emphasis in ener...

eceee seminar summary, May 2010