Paris national workshop

Oct 2020 – Event reports, National workshops

Report and presentations from the Paris national workshop arranged by the eceee sufficiency project (16 May 2019). The workshop offered French and international views on the concept of sufficiency and how it can be translated to action in sectors including buildings, appliances, urban planning and transport, and agriculture. It focused on involving stakeholders from different sectors in the discussion.

Workshop summary report (English)

Workshop summary report (French)

Patrick Behm: Roles of energy sufficiency in a citizen energy trans...

Anja Bierwirth: Sufficiency policies in building

Lorenzo Pagliano: Sufficiency policies in urbanism

Sophie Attali: Sufficiency policies for electrical appliances

Heike Brugger: Sufficiency policies in transport

Joseph Hajjar: View point of a ministry

Chiara Martini: View point of an energy efficiency agency

Dominique Osso: View point of energy utility

Barbara Nicolo: View point of a local actor

Marine Cornelis: Fuel poverty versus energy efficiency

Solange Martin: Energy sufficiency is a political and social questi...

Joanne Wade: Definitions and concepts of energy sufficiency

Eric Vidalenc: Concepts and definition: where are we?