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October 2019

EU to assess five critical minerals in low carbon quest – 2019-10-31

Climate emissions from tropical forest damage 'underestimated by a factor of six' – 2019-10-31

Climate change could leave southern Britain ‘unable’ to support crops – 2019-10-30

It’s time to scrap the Energy Charter Treaty – 2019-10-30

Climate crisis – here’s what the experts recommend we do – 2019-10-29

Swiss politics goes Green with a capital G – 2019-10-25

How can China tame waste and emissions from e-commerce and freight? – 2019-10-25

SUVs second biggest cause of emissions rise, figures reveal – 2019-10-25

How well are we tracking the health impacts of energy efficiency programs? – 2019-10-24

Organic farming produces more carbon emissions because it takes up more land, study finds – 2019-10-23

Safety and environmental campaigners lining up against SUVs – 2019-10-23

Each European uses four bathtubs of water a day for electricity – 2019-10-20

These three circular economy principles can help combat the climate crisis – 2019-10-18

Is climate change responsible for the conflicts we’re seeing around the world today? – 2019-10-17

1 in 3 children live in unhealthy homes, warns ‘alarming’ report – 2019-10-16

Healthy homes: ‘The biggest health and business opportunity of a lifetime’ – 2019-10-14

Ban air miles and stop frequent flyers to combat climate change, report urges – 2019-10-14

UN body votes to ground EU’s aviation emission efforts – 2019-10-07

'A deadly problem': should we ban SUVs from our cities? – 2019-10-07

Air travel growth suggests ‘sustainable’ and ‘development’ are not compatible – 2019-10-04

This is what the world promised at the UN climate action summit – 2019-10-02

September 2019

‘Flight shaming’ is in the air as UN summit faces climate crisis – 2019-09-30

Weatherwatch: glass skyscrapers are worst energy offenders – 2019-09-30

What is Greta Thunberg really achieving? – 2019-09-27

WSED keeps offering opportunities for Young Energy Researchers – 2019-09-26

1% of English residents take one-fifth of overseas flights, survey shows – 2019-09-25

UN agency calls for global Green New Deal to overhaul trade system – 2019-09-25

Shipping and fossil fuel tax exemption – 2019-09-25

Runaway driverless cars will increase congestion and accelerate climate breakdown – 2019-09-24

Climate change fight should be 'sexy' and 'fun', Japan's new environment minister says – 2019-09-22

What the European Parliament must do to halt the destruction of the Amazon – 2019-09-20

'We're losing the race': UN secretary general calls climate change an 'emergency' – 2019-09-18

Illinois marijuana growers will face energy efficiency and reporting rules – 2019-09-16

Thousands of car protesters block Frankfurt Motor Show with bikes – 2019-09-16

Exploitation rife among firms mining minerals for renewables, electric vehicles: Report – 2019-09-05

November 2018

Managing rebound: New eceee report at eceee's new sufficiency web site – 2018-11-19

Trumpian cuts on the cards for EU climate research? – 2018-11-15

EU’s ‘just transition fund’ gesture muddies budget waters – 2018-11-15

Bolsonaro names climate denier as Brazil’s foreign minister – 2018-11-15

To inspire energy-saving behaviors, local governments engage residents, hold contests, try games – 2018-11-15

Parliament rubber-stamps Europe’s 2030 clean energy laws – 2018-11-14

G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds – 2018-11-14

Beyond energy efficiency – can energy sufficiency deliver? – 2018-11-14

Europe’s path to carbon neutrality: A move to ‘sobriété énergétique’? – 2018-11-12

German finance ministry rejects own party’s carbon price plan – 2018-11-12

Think-tank: Artificially low electricity prices ‘not good for EDF’ nor consumers – 2018-11-12

Adrian Joyce, EuroACE, on the EPBD: ”Upscaling energy efficiency will not happen by itself” – 2018-11-09

40% of EU budget should be dedicated to greening the economy, EESC says – 2018-11-09

COP24 – The road to Katowice: Changing together for a ‘just energy transition’ – 2018-11-08

Why 2018 will be a record year for carbon emissions—and what to do about it – 2018-11-07

Australian students plan school strikes to protest against climate inaction – 2018-11-07

Press release: Who can change the AC industry? eceee joins Global Cooling Prize as partner – 2018-11-06

Electric car demand fuelling rise in child labour in DR Congo—campaigners – 2018-11-05

The Guardian view on environmental activism: new energy is welcome – 2018-11-04

US: Reduced electric demand has halved carbon emissions in power sector – 2018-11-02

October 2018

Why I’m turning from law-maker to law-breaker to try to save the planet – 2018-10-31

Be afraid—11 scary facts, stats and lies about our planet this Halloween – 2018-10-31

Swiss researchers chart path to zero-emission cement – 2018-10-31

There are three options in tackling climate change. Only one will work – 2018-10-30

Geoengineering is no closer to working – 2018-10-30

$2 trillion investors challenge 55 companies on climate lobbying – 2018-10-29

UN’s latest stark climate report is proof the EU must end fossil fuel age – 2018-10-09

Philippine resort city chooses ‘morally correct’ low-carbon path – 2018-10-08

Energy sector's carbon emissions to grow for second year running – 2018-10-08

World leaders 'have moral obligation to act' after UN climate report – 2018-10-08

Limiting warming to 1.5C is possible – if there is political will – 2018-10-08

Commission confirms ecodesign and energy labelling work will continue – 2018-10-05

Climate change apathy, not denial, is the biggest threat to our planet – 2018-10-05

Healthy buildings expert: ‘Homes cause hurricanes’ – 2018-10-04