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January 2023

Emissions divide now greater within countries than between them – study – 2023-01-31

The Netherlands ‘unquestionable solar energy leader’ of 2022: study – 2023-01-31

In climate resilience push, US federal cash flows to coastal rich – 2023-01-31

Renewables overtook gas in power generation for first time in 2022: study – 2023-01-31

‘It’s over, finished’: Coal boss gloomy about future EU power market – 2023-01-31

Build better for climate neutral cities – 2023-01-31

EU buildings directive in turmoil amid push for hydrogen heating – 2023-01-30

Global carbon emissions forecast cut due to Ukraine war and Biden, says BP – 2023-01-30

New wind and solar are cheaper than the costs to operate all but one coal-fired power plant in the United States – 2023-01-30

The time to scale-up energy storage in southeastern Europe is now – 2023-01-30

#Exxonknows: Why the oil giant is really taking Europe to court – 2023-01-30

Jargon alert – what does a carbon market for transport mean? – 2023-01-30

Earth is on track to exceed 1.5C warming in the next decade, study using AI finds – 2023-01-30

EU plans to loosen state aid rules to boost renewables investment – 2023-01-30

Key French MEP pitches low-carbon ‘weighting’ for EU renewables target – 2023-01-27

Poland to likely make wind turbine installation even harder – 2023-01-27

Worst London air pollution in six years as home fires burn – 2023-01-27

What’s stopping small businesses going green? Cash – 2023-01-27

When will we hit peak fossil fuels? Maybe we already have – 2023-01-27

Achieving Biden’s climate goals requires timely White House review of energy efficiency rules – 2023-01-26

Extreme weather forces unprepared Europe to focus on climate adaptation – 2023-01-26

The Guardian view on carbon offsetting: a model with dangerous flaws – 2023-01-26

From calories to climate: Are carbon labels for food and drink about to go mainstream? – 2023-01-26

With Russian gas gone, coal makes EU comeback as ‘traditional fuel’ – 2023-01-26

Europe could end reliance on Chinese Li-ion battery cells by 2027 – forecast – 2023-01-24

Just 7% of global banks’ energy financing goes to renewables, new data shows – 2023-01-24

Insulating the economy: why the EU must aim high on its buildings directive – 2023-01-24

Tallinn begins one-year stint as ‘European Green Capital’ – 2023-01-24

EU launches debate on electricity market reform amid rising consumer bills – 2023-01-24

Revealed: how US transition to electric cars threatens environmental havoc – 2023-01-24

South Africa’s women need the energy transition to work for them – 2023-01-24

German transport minister rejects autobahn speed limit after report shows climate benefits – 2023-01-23

What’s the key to climate action? Better communication – 2023-01-23

Exposed: How EU countries use firewood to bloat their renewable energy stats – 2023-01-23

Low-carbon jobs fell after Cameron’s kibosh on ‘green crap’ policies – study – 2023-01-23

Extreme warming ahead even as worst-case scenarios grow ‘obsolete’ – 2023-01-23

‘No miracles needed’: Prof Mark Jacobson on how wind, sun and water can power the world – 2023-01-23

France, Germany aim for ‘common roadmap’ on clean hydrogen – 2023-01-23

Energy saving policies could put lives at risk as global heating intensifies: study – 2023-01-20

Wood banks emerge as vital source of heat while US gas bills still on the rise – 2023-01-20

How to cut climate-changing emissions? Recycle buildings – 2023-01-20

This is an era of plentiful, cheap, renewable energy, but the fossil fuel dinosaurs can’t admit it – 2023-01-20

Exxon’s predictions about the climate crisis may have increased its legal peril – 2023-01-20

1 in 3 activities labeled green in EU Taxonomy are bad for the planet, new alternative Taxonomy shows – 2023-01-19

Need for speed as EU launches debate on electricity market reform – 2023-01-19

Report: Renovating EU houses could save 44% of energy for heating – 2023-01-19

‘Ridiculous’: Greta Thunberg blasts decision to let UAE oil boss chair climate talks – 2023-01-19

'They want to silence us': Uganda cracks down on anti-oil protests – 2023-01-19

‘Super-tipping points’ could trigger cascade of climate action – 2023-01-19

Airlines to invoke EU freedoms to challenge green restrictions on short-haul flights – 2023-01-19

Renewables projected to soon be one-fourth of US electricity generation. Really soon – 2023-01-19

Italian politics threatens to torpedo EU buildings directive – 2023-01-18

EU Commission announces ‘Green Deal Industrial Plan’, but no fresh money – 2023-01-18

'Very little capital' going into climate adaptation in emerging Asia: study – 2023-01-17

Banks still investing heavily in fossil fuels despite net zero pledges – study – 2023-01-17

UK Government sets out plan to make smart EV charging ‘the norm’ by 2025 – 2023-01-17

Growing demand puts EU electricity grid under pressure – 2023-01-17

In Davos, activists warn against climate inaction and greenwashing – 2023-01-17

A new EU electricity market design for a decarbonised energy system – 2023-01-17

Energy crisis has become manageable, can be overcome by 2024 - German minister – 2023-01-16

EU climate chief defends oil CEO’s appointment as COP28 boss – 2023-01-16

45% renewables target ‘is ambitious but feasible’, says EU climate chief – 2023-01-16

Britain is a net electricity exporter for first time in 44 years – 2023-01-13

Backlash as UAE oil boss picked to lead COP28 climate summit – 2023-01-13

Fossil fuel producers must be forced to ‘take back’ carbon, say scientists – 2023-01-12

UK could face ‘banking crisis worse than 2008’ if City fails to prepare for fossil fuel collapse – 2023-01-12

The new-build ‘homes’ where energy scientists play God with the weather – 2023-01-12

Sweden announces discovery of Europe’s biggest deposit of rare earth metals – 2023-01-12

Exxon Accurately Predicted Global Warming, Years Before Casting Doubt on Climate Science – 2023-01-12

Warm 2022 makes the past eight years hottest ever recorded – 2023-01-12

Zimbabwe looks to public to provide solar power amid energy crisis – 2023-01-12

Finland’s wind power capacity increased by 75% last year – 2023-01-11

Oil majors investing 8 times more in biofuels than hydrogen – 2023-01-11

EU should agree remaining climate laws by summer, Sweden says – 2023-01-10

Why do traffic reduction schemes attract so many conspiracy theories? – 2023-01-10

US: Study identifies states with best opportunities to cut costs and emissions by updating building codes using federal climate funds – 2023-01-09

December 2022

Steel industry united in opposing bloc’s carbon border levy – 2022-12-23

Stage set for fight over EU’s 2030 renewable energy target – 2022-12-23

Can Europe's new Social Climate Fund protect poor from rising carbon cost? – 2022-12-23

Carbon farming explained: the pros, the cons and the EU's plans – 2022-12-23

EU’s emissions continue to fall despite return to coal – 2022-12-22

Speed, simplicity and focus: How the EU can make a success of the competitive sustainability ‘race to the top’ – 2022-12-22

Emissions trading and carbon pricing: Recapping a busy week for green policy in the EU – 2022-12-22

Spain allowed NO2 levels to exceed limits in Madrid and Barcelona, EU court rules – 2022-12-22

Buying time for proper electricity market reform – 2022-12-21

Vietnam struggles to quit coal as renewable energy faces hurdles – 2022-12-21

New report showcases the far-reaching benefits of energy efficiency – 2022-12-20

How can China contribute to climate ‘loss and damage’? – 2022-12-20

Brussels planning digital push to green the EU’s construction sector – 2022-12-20

Biden administration plans regulation that would only allow LED lamps from 2023 – 2022-12-20

Big oil is behind conspiracy to deceive public, first climate racketeering lawsuit says – 2022-12-20

Climate-conscious Indians tap carbon credits for greener fun – 2022-12-20

UK's Rwanda asylum plan criticised for ignoring climate threats – 2022-12-20

EU seals deal on gas price cap after months of wrangling – 2022-12-20

Energy Efficiency Journal announces special issue on policy responses to the current energy crisis – 2022-12-20

Most EU countries sceptical about 45% renewable energy goal: document – 2022-12-19

EU approves CO2 tax on heating and transport, softened by new social climate fund – 2022-12-19

Nuclear fusion ‘holy grail’ is not the answer to our energy prayers – 2022-12-19

Climate goal of 1.5C is ‘gasping for breath’, says UN head – 2022-12-19

Agriculture and fisheries evade EU’s new CO2 price – 2022-12-19

Europe’s car industry must look to the future, not the past – 2022-12-19

EU coal consumption, production to temporarily increase – then fall – 2022-12-19

UK and EU sign offshore renewable energy agreement – 2022-12-19

Indonesia’s new climate plan: Slow progress but change imminent – 2022-12-19

Toxic fumes are comin’: Truck pollution will double over Christmas – 2022-12-19

Four steps to make India’s energy transition less painful – 2022-12-16

Pressure mounts on EU to maintain ambition on biodiversity at COP15 – 2022-12-16

Open letter: Energy efficiency needs a long-term strategy for climate, security, solidarity and prosperity – 2022-12-15

Climate Home’s five must-read climate change stories from 2022 – 2022-12-15

Deal struck on EU plan to finance Russian fossil fuel exit – 2022-12-15

EU Commission OKs Germany’s new billion euro EV charging scheme – 2022-12-15

Parliament backs EU plan to accelerate renewables permitting – 2022-12-15

After developing country walkout, ministers arrive to rescue nature talks – 2022-12-15

Strong action on methane will mean more EU energy security – 2022-12-15

Electricity generated by burning native Australian timber no longer classified as renewable energy – 2022-12-15

Richest people in UK ‘use more energy flying’ than poorest do overall – 2022-12-14

German govt earmarks €1.8 billion in aid for households heating with pellets and oil – 2022-12-14

Children of India's burning coalfields dream of a fire-free future – 2022-12-13

Why burning primary woody biomass is worse than fossil fuels for climate – 2022-12-13

Still no major progress toward ‘peace pact with nature’ at COP15 – 2022-12-13

Green industry: G7 sets out terms for global ‘climate club’ – 2022-12-13

EU seals agreement on world’s first carbon tariff – 2022-12-13

Climate adaptation must be transformational, not just fighting fires – 2022-12-13

Biomass drives wedge in EU Parliament over renewables permitting rules – 2022-12-13

EU could face gas shortage next year, IEA warns – 2022-12-12

The Energy Charter Treaty is on life support with little chance of revival – 2022-12-12

EU aims for quick deal on carbon border levy – 2022-12-12

‘Like an oilwell in your back yard’: Irish people turn to cutting peat to save on energy bills – 2022-12-12

Breakthrough in nuclear fusion could mean ‘near-limitless energy’ – 2022-12-12

US: EPA finds no progress in vehicle efficiency as automakers sell more big models – 2022-12-12

EU passes law to make electric car batteries cleaner – 2022-12-12

Germany sets renewable power record in 2022, but is off-track for 2030 target – 2022-12-12

Finding the antidote to climate anxiety in stories about taking action – 2022-12-10

Will digital labelling drive up consumer recycling? – 2022-12-09

Bioenergy with carbon capture distracts from real climate solutions – 2022-12-09

The EU needs to invest its way out of the energy crisis – 2022-12-09

‘Burn everything’: Poland chokes on the smog of war – 2022-12-09

Why delay in phasing out nuclear power is dividing German village – 2022-12-09

Siemens, Unilever, Maersk and DFDS join business coalition calling for 2035 deadline for zero-emissions trucks in EU – 2022-12-08

UK coal mine approval sparks global fury and hypocrisy claims – 2022-12-08

Which countries are ‘particularly vulnerable’ to climate change? – 2022-12-08

The EU’s Carbon Removal Certification Framework: political leadership or voluntary hurdle? – 2022-12-08

US: Finally, some good climate news: The biggest wins in clean energy in 2022 – 2022-12-08

Austria green lights new strategy to reduce resource use – 2022-12-08

Global nature pact in doubt as COP15 talks seek breakthrough – 2022-12-08

Lawmakers agree to restrict EU carbon tax to flights within Europe – 2022-12-07

US climate action may slow after mixed midterm results – 2022-12-06

EU agrees new law to kick deforestation out of supply chains – 2022-12-06

The EU needs a whole-life carbon roadmap for buildings – 2022-12-06

How Western Balkan countries can decarbonise their power systems and save money – 2022-12-06

Wood-energy sector worried by EU attempt to limit biomass use – 2022-12-06

US Scorecard: Leading states cutting costs for residents with energy efficiency, but more progress needed – 2022-12-06

Here’s the exciting COP27 breakthrough no one is talking about – 2022-12-06

Most UK universities failing to hit carbon reduction targets – 2022-12-06

EU agrees new law to kick deforestation out of supply chains – 2022-12-06

EU chief flags concerns about Biden’s ‘buy American’ climate plans – 2022-12-05

Campaigners push EU-backed ‘renovation loan’ to decarbonise buildings – 2022-12-05

Stop burning trees to make energy, say 650 scientists before Cop15 biodiversity summit – 2022-12-05

To reach zero-emission goal, Uber urges drivers to purchase EVs – 2022-12-05

Long-awaited EU rules on renewable hydrogen expected next week – 2022-12-05

We won’t stop biodiversity loss without transforming food systems – 2022-12-05

Packaging makers ‘still concerned’ about reuse targets in new EU law – 2022-12-05

Germany needs fossil gas for more than a decade alongside renewables expansion – McKinsey – 2022-12-05

£18bn project to link UK to huge wind and solar farm in Sahara delayed by a year – 2022-12-04

Partners launch nationwide initiative to accelerate energy upgrades for affordable housing – 2022-12-01

Indian farmers turn to solar-powered fridges to fight food waste – 2022-12-01

‘Unparalleled in the world’: Australian grid operator maps path to 100% renewables – 2022-12-01

Car companies are now bundling EVs with home solar panels. Are customers going to buy? – 2022-12-01

Women leaders are the key to sustainable climate solutions – 2022-12-01

Gas crisis driving heat pump boom in Europe, IEA says – 2022-12-01

EU Global Health Strategy lacks ambition on climate change, says expert – 2022-12-01

EU Commission wants farmers, landowners to lead carbon removal push – 2022-12-01

EU Commission greenlights ‘unsustainable’ hydrogen plan – 2022-12-01

November 2022

In world first, EU legislators agree to price shipping emissions – 2022-11-30

Giving up on 1.5C climate target would be gift to carbon boosters, says IEA head – 2022-11-30

‘A form of self-destruction’: Japan weighs up plan to expand nuclear power – 2022-11-30

EU carbon market reform ‘progressing at snail’s pace’ ahead of final talks – 2022-11-30

EU promises investment in African energy in post-summit meeting – 2022-11-29

Black Friday’s ‘enormous environmental impact’ sparks a green backlash – 2022-11-29

EU battery watchers brace for tsunami of secondary legislation – 2022-11-29

Evidence grows of forced labour and slavery in production of solar panels, wind turbines – 2022-11-29

Post-COP27, Philippines lawmakers mull first-of-its-kind climate accountability bill – 2022-11-29

Czech organisations warn of homelessness surge amid energy crisis – 2022-11-28

Mediterranean region aims to lead the way in circular economy push – 2022-11-28

Here’s how to get private finance into climate action – 2022-11-28

Water as part of the climate solution – 2022-11-28

Revamping the EU’s climate leadership with transition finance – 2022-11-28

Africa-EU partnership post-COP27 – 2022-11-28

The climate vulnerable are starting to roar – 2022-11-28

Paris and Berlin set aside differences on ‘renewable’ vs ‘low-carbon’ hydrogen – 2022-11-28

Rich nations have promised to pay for the climate crisis – but will they? – 2022-11-26

Dutch minister slams Commission’s ‘flawed’ price cap proposal – 2022-11-25

Could hemp be a key tool in fight against climate change? – 2022-11-25

Finnish energy companies could pay windfall tax for 2023 – 2022-11-25

Limits of Europe’s drive for critical minerals autonomy – 2022-11-25

Kenyans turn to tradition to fight rising heat – 2022-11-25

Over 20,000 died in western Europe’s summer heatwaves, figures show – 2022-11-24

Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all – 2022-11-24

How UK government plans to advise households to reduce energy bills – 2022-11-24

Emergency measures for energy crisis in limbo after pressure for price cap – 2022-11-24