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June 2023

Accelerating the energy transition in European cities – 2023-06-05

Rich countries with high greenhouse gas emissions could pay $170tn in climate reparations – 2023-06-05

Italy could abandon coal by 2024, environment minister says – 2023-06-05

Energy sufficiency, a French political concept still misunderstood in Europe – 2023-06-05

Countries must put aside national interests for climate crisis, UN says – 2023-06-05

Green Deal: EU’s Timmermans rules out ‘break’ in the green transition – 2023-06-04

BPIE briefing: Crunch time for EBPD, Parliament holds stronger vision – 2023-06-02

US deal could plug Turkmenistan’s colossal methane emissions – 2023-06-02

1.5C for planet, 1C for people: Scientists step up climate warning – 2023-06-02

How is climate change limiting access to insurance? – 2023-06-01

Renewable energy directive: Three key measures to speed up deployment – 2023-06-01

Europe’s ‘heat pump valley’ takes root in the East – 2023-06-01

First hydrogen bank auction will help gauge market, EU Commission says – 2023-06-01

“Green” finance bankrolls forest destruction in Indonesia – 2023-06-01

May 2023

‘Pigs do fly’: Growing use of animal fats in cars and planes increasingly unsustainable – 2023-05-31

Green buildings: Ending the demolish and rebuild cycle in China – 2023-05-31

Students and faculty at Ohio state respond to a bill that would restrict college discussions of climate policies – 2023-05-31

As Asian heatwaves require burning more fossil fuels, fears of a slower transition grow – 2023-05-31

Delta Air Lines faces lawsuit over $1bn carbon neutrality claim – 2023-05-30

Cop28 president’s team accused of Wikipedia ‘greenwashing’ – 2023-05-30

Vietnam capital dims street lights to save energy during heatwave – 2023-05-30

France to open its first electric car battery factory – 2023-05-30

Heat pumps: more than 80% of households in Great Britain ‘satisfied with system’ – 2023-05-30

Australian banks lending billions to fossil fuel projects despite supporting emissions reductions, analysis suggests – 2023-05-29

Weather tracker: power prices dip to negative in Europe amid clean energy boost – 2023-05-29

Ukraine built more onshore wind turbines in past year than England – 2023-05-28

More than 1,500 arrested at Extinction Rebellion protest in The Hague – 2023-05-27

Up to 70% of California beaches could disappear by end of the century – 2023-05-27

UN calls for protection of climate activists following crackdown in Germany – 2023-05-26

What’s the beef? Vote on industrial farming emissions splits EU Parliament – 2023-05-26

Industry will be driver of European decarbonisation, French minister says – 2023-05-26

India has big clean energy goals - so why is it banking on coal? – 2023-05-26

What next for clean heating in rural China? – 2023-05-25

Invasion of Ukraine ‘has fuelled funding boom for clean energy’ – 2023-05-25

UK students pledge ‘career boycott’ of insurers over fossil fuels – 2023-05-25

Danish investment to boost Finland’s wind power output by one-third – 2023-05-25

Global solar investments outpace oil and gas for first time – 2023-05-25

UN advises against offsets for carbon removal technologies – 2023-05-25

Five charts on the Energy Transition: the 2020s is the decade of maximum disruption. By 2030 the endgame will be clear – 2023-05-25

Germany could launch new attempt to return CO2 income to citizens – media report – 2023-05-25

Germany gears up for EU fight over electricity bidding zones – 2023-05-25

France needs to invest €66bn a year on climate action, government report states – 2023-05-25

German government agrees to build “core” hydrogen grid – 2023-05-25

US, EU lawmakers demand removal of oil executive heading climate talks – 2023-05-24

‘Worthless’: Chevron’s carbon offsets are mostly junk and some may harm, research says – 2023-05-24

French government presents its decarbonisation plan to meet EU targets – 2023-05-23

Global heating will push billions outside ‘human climate niche’ – 2023-05-23

Shell AGM disrupted by protests as investors reject new emissions targets – 2023-05-23

German universities attract foreign students with energy transition courses – 2023-05-22

Running a hydrogen plane could be cheaper than traditional aircraft by 2035 – 2023-05-22

BEUC, Climate Group and T&E: The EU should set a 100% zero emission target for corporate fleets in 2030 – 2023-05-22

Big polluters’ share prices fall after climate lawsuits, study finds – 2023-05-22

After the energy storm, Europe needs strong industrial strategy – 2023-05-22

G7 backs liquified gas as ‘temporary’ solution, to dismay of climate activists – 2023-05-22

No destroying unsold goods: EU countries agree on green product rules – 2023-05-22

Energy Taxation Directive: Europe’s key climate law stuck in a quagmire – 2023-05-20

Bringing efficiency in the EU’s National Energy and Climate Plans – 2023-05-19

Warming and drying climate puts many of the world’s biggest lakes in peril – 2023-05-18

Eastern EU countries will make or break the bloc’s 2030 renewables goal – 2023-05-18

Building performance standards expand as key strategy to reduce emissions from existing buildings – 2023-05-18

Interest in French-led nuclear alliance gathers momentum – 2023-05-16

Italy looks at nuclear energy to supplement energy mix – 2023-05-16

EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework: new rules to turn greenwashing into genuine removals – 2023-05-16

Grid connection delays for low-carbon projects ‘unacceptable’, says Ofgem – 2023-05-16

National Energy and Climate Plans: how to deliver zero emission transport – 2023-05-16

Electricity smart meters to become standard in German homes from 2032 – 2023-05-15

We can stop disaster risk spiralling out of control – 2023-05-15

How to rebuild Ukraine? A few remarks before the G7 Summit – 2023-05-15

Electricity market reform: what’s not in the proposal – 2023-05-15

UK could unlock £70bn a year in renewable energy, report claims – 2023-05-15

EU Commission chief: Growth model based on fossil fuels ‘simply obsolete’ – 2023-05-15

EU’s new energy efficiency rules could be gamechanger for education – 2023-05-15

Climate crisis deniers target scientists for vicious abuse on Musk’s Twitter – 2023-05-14

Poland’s renewables capacity growing but coal still dominates – report – 2023-05-14

Analysis: China’s CO2 emissions hit Q1 record high after 4% rise in early 2023 – 2023-05-12

Pump it up: UK householders on ditching their gas central heating – 2023-05-12

Climate-stressed Indian farmers seek to escape debt and suicide – 2023-05-12

The people behind the buildings: Why we must get it right in the EPBD – 2023-05-12

Lawmakers criticise green taxonomy investment rules for aviation, maritime – 2023-05-12

Ukraine’s reconstruction must be fit for a green future – 2023-05-11

As climate risks rise, flood insurance costs stun US homeowners – 2023-05-11

New US rules could stem emissions from coal and gas power plants – 2023-05-11

After court blocks renewables push, US promotes carbon capture & hydrogen – 2023-05-11

Black summer bushfires may have caused rare ‘triple dip’ La Nina, study suggests – 2023-05-10

Is 2023 the year when carbon capture and storage finally takes off? – 2023-05-10

E-trucks: It’s time for the UK to make the switch – 2023-05-10

Austrian conservatives join pushback against EU’s Green Deal – 2023-05-10

Italian oil firm Eni faces lawsuit alleging early knowledge of climate crisis – 2023-05-09

Portugal to get EU aid following drought situation – 2023-05-09

Parliament votes on EU methane regulation, with stricter rules for imports – 2023-05-09

Africa region galvanizes efforts to end mercury lighting – 2023-05-09

South African companies innovate to tackle solar power inequality – 2023-05-09

‘Lack of vision’: UK green energy projects in limbo as grid struggles to keep pace – 2023-05-08

US: Federal buy clean rules could strategically decarbonize steel – 2023-05-08

Replacing heating systems in Germany’s public buildings expected to cost about 8 bln euros – 2023-05-08

Sweden lowers fossil fuel reduction targets, risks 2030 climate goals – 2023-05-08

95% lower emissions: Sweden’s shift to heat pumps holds lessons for Canada – 2023-05-07

Climate scientists first laughed at a ‘bizarre’ campaign against the BoM – then came the harassment – 2023-05-06

Central banks raising interest rates makes it harder to fight the climate crisis – 2023-05-06

Hydropower: EU energy transition’s other sticking point – 2023-05-05

Students occupy schools and universities across Europe in climate protest – 2023-05-05

Belgian lawyer takes climate change battle to court – 2023-05-05

India mulls end to coal plant construction – 2023-05-05

UK businesses face delays of up to 15 years for solar installations – 2023-05-05

Industry launches ‘Energy Storage Coalition’ to help decarbonise power grid – 2023-05-05

How the EU can get its Net Zero Industrial Act right – 2023-05-04

Africans want renewables, not fossil fuel funding from G7 – 2023-05-04

Climate sceptics’ denying of the science is declining. Opposing the policies is the new tactic – 2023-05-04

Europe can halve fossil gas use by 2030 without risk to supply security – think tank – 2023-05-04

Which material will become Europe’s future construction mainstay? – 2023-05-03

Euro 7: Let’s make it count – 2023-05-03

EU buildings directive in Italy: Wrestling with cultural value – 2023-05-03

UN warns heat records could be broken as chance of El Nino rises – 2023-05-03

I back saboteurs who have acted with courage and coherence, but I won’t blow up a pipeline. Here’s why – 2023-05-02

How Europe can avoid becoming the dumping ground for Sino-US cleantech (without becoming protectionist) – 2023-05-02

Next UN climate summit to consider health issues in depth for first time – 2023-05-02

Many Europeans want climate action – but less so if it changes their lifestyle, shows poll – 2023-05-02

Deadly heatwaves threaten to reverse India’s progress on poverty and inequality – new research – 2023-05-02

California’s 2036 clean trucks deadline leaves EU in rear-view mirror – 2023-05-02

What is India bringing to the G20 table on climate? – 2023-05-01

Air pollution spikes linked to irregular heartbeats, study finds – 2023-05-01

Biden is still not doing nearly enough about the climate crisis – 2023-05-01

April 2023

Energy crisis drives EU institutions to cut down on energy use, go solar – 2023-04-30

Future houses to become material ‘banks,’ experts explain – 2023-04-28

Solar, wind builders back EU contract reforms if steered by nations – 2023-04-28

Heritage advocates ‘vigilant’ over revised EU green buildings law – 2023-04-28

Renewables cover half of Germany’s electricity demand in first quarter of 2023 – 2023-04-28

Critical Raw Materials Act: a good start, but sharper safeguards and global thinking is missing to make it work – 2023-04-28

Europe needs to urgently prepare for carbon market ‘endgame’ – 2023-04-28

Lawmakers vote to extend EU methane emission rules to gas imports – 2023-04-27

Dutch government to invest €28 billion into new climate package – 2023-04-27

Irish government approves country’s first ‘Clean Air Strategy’ – 2023-04-27

New Zealand too reliant on tree planting to meet net zero emissions targets, experts warn – 2023-04-27

Mitsubishi bets on carbon removal while keeping coal plants – 2023-04-27

Renewables federation bets on energy-sharing to drive acceptance of energy transition – 2023-04-27

UK investment in clean energy transition falls 10%, bucking global trend – 2023-04-27

Record renewables help bring down Australia’s energy prices and emissions – 2023-04-27

French government outlines energy and climate summer ‘roadmap’ – 2023-04-27

Yes, the climate crisis is raising your grocery bills – 2023-04-27

Wind industry calls for caution as EU overhauls power market – 2023-04-27

Can carbon markets help Africa meet its climate financing goals? – 2023-04-27

Record ocean temperatures put Earth in ‘uncharted territory’, say scientists – 2023-04-26

‘Explosive’ growth means one in three new cars will be electric by 2030, IEA says – 2023-04-26

Number of UK homes installing rooftop solar panels highest in over seven years – 2023-04-26

North Sea countries aim for 300 GW of offshore wind energy by 2050 – 2023-04-25

Heatwaves in India drive leading clean-energy state back to coal – 2023-04-25

Analysis: Half the global population saw all-time record temperatures over past decade – 2023-04-24

EU eyes ‘billions’ worth in flexibility from local electricity grids – 2023-04-24

China ramps up coal power despite carbon neutral pledges – 2023-04-24

Air pollution kills 1,200 children a year: EU agency – 2023-04-24

US solar boom on hold as industry awaits subsidy rules – 2023-04-24

EU, Norway seal ‘Green Alliance’ to tackle climate change – 2023-04-24

Berlin considers withdrawing support for EU buildings directive – 2023-04-24

‘There’s a lot of posturing’: Europe’s nuclear divide grows as one plant opens and three close – 2023-04-21

In Puerto Rico, solar power microgrids boost hurricane resilience – 2023-04-21

In meeting with big economies, US announces more funds to fight climate change – 2023-04-21

Enough public charging for higher EU truck CO2 targets, analysis finds – 2023-04-20

Western Balkans see boom in solar energy but grids unprepared – 2023-04-20

US carbon capture incentives leave EU ‘lagging behind’, biofuel makers warn – 2023-04-20

One jailed and three others fined over Insulate Britain roadblock protest – 2023-04-20

Adaptable, creative workforce will be key to achieving full potential of federal climate funds – 2023-04-20

‘Frightening’: record-busting heat and drought hit Europe in 2022 – 2023-04-20

Green energy is a bigger opportunity for Australia than the resources boom. Let’s not waste it – 2023-04-20

Volcanic microbe eats CO2 ‘astonishingly quickly’, say scientists – 2023-04-19

German government adopts fossil boiler ban, starting 2024 – 2023-04-19

Energy industry wants to scrap Germany’s target of one million car charging points – 2023-04-19

Euro 7: Carmakers’ record profits made at expense of human health – 2023-04-19

UN’s Green Climate Fund too scared of risk, finds official review – 2023-04-19

What does the EU’s Net Zero Industry Act mean for Chinese renewables firms? – 2023-04-19

Southeast Asia must retire 5.5GW of coal plants per year to meet climate goals – 2023-04-18

EU ETS extension could have devastating impact on low-income households – 2023-04-18

Why adopting the Social Climate Fund is the right choice for the EU – 2023-04-18

EU faces legal action after including gas and nuclear in ‘green’ investments guide – 2023-04-18

Germany pushes for nuclear energy in EU’s next Russia sanctions package – 2023-04-18

Renewable energy growth must double to meet Australia’s emission goals, Clean Energy Council says – 2023-04-17

Europe’s green hydrogen rush risks energy ‘cannibalisation’ in Africa, analysts say – 2023-04-17

G7 ministers set big new targets for solar and wind capacity – 2023-04-17

Consumer groups warn against “hydrogen ready” gas boilers – 2023-04-17

UK’s low-carbon aviation fuels strategy coming in late 2023, Ministers confirm – 2023-04-17

French Greens play spoilsport as EU Parliament votes on carbon market reform – 2023-04-17

US: Rethinking model energy codes for net zero carbon buildings – 2023-04-17

“The right path” - Germany welcomes first G7 renewables targets – 2023-04-17

High costs and uncertainties cast a chill over Britain’s heat pump market – 2023-04-15

Volkswagen calls for delay in applying new ‘Euro 7’ car emissions standards – 2023-04-14

Q&A: Why is Germany phasing out nuclear power - and why now? – 2023-04-14

EU carbon market: Gas, petrol prices could spike from 2027, experts say – 2023-04-14

Denmark to withdraw from Energy Charter Treaty – 2023-04-14

‘End of fossil age’ has begun, analysts say – 2023-04-14

As the climate suffers, enforcement needed for corporate green pledges – 2023-04-14

Banks say they’re acting on climate, but continue to finance fossil fuel expansion – 2023-04-13

IEA’s global “CO2 Emissions in 2022” report: by sector, fuel, region, heating +more – 2023-04-13

Czechia unplugs hundreds of solar plants due to sunny weather – 2023-04-13

UK still well off track on pledge to cut methane emissions, study says – 2023-04-12

New US car and truck emissions standards will make or break Biden’s climate legacy – 2023-04-12

Au revoir, Germany’s ‘Atomkraftwerke’ – 2023-04-12

Swedish climate minister dismisses far-right’s biofuel threats – 2023-04-12

Campaigners call for EU to tax fishing industry to fund decarbonisation – 2023-04-12

Macron visits Netherlands to push for massive EU investment plan – 2023-04-11

Will the EU’s renewables directive change the landscape for forest biomass? – 2023-04-10

Climate emergency is the biggest health crisis of our time – bigger than Covid – 2023-04-10