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Batteries boost Californian hopes of cooler future

(Climate News Network, 25 Aug 2020) Californian hopes of cooler future rise as the world’s biggest battery storage system comes on stream.

Recent reports of record-breaking heat in the Golden State may be only part of the story: Californian hopes of cooler future days are strengthening with the entry into service of new technology that should promise a less torrid future for millions of people.

The ability to store large amounts of renewable energy – generated mainly by solar and wind power – is seen as a key component in the battle to combat catastrophic climate change.

The Gateway Energy Storage project, near San Diego in southern California, is capable of storing and redistributing up to 230MW of power from solar installations in the area.

“By charging during solar production on off-peak hours and delivering energy to the grid during times of peak demand for power, our battery storage projects improve electric reliability, reduce costs and help our state meet its climate objectives”, said John King of LS Power, the New York-based power development companyoperating the project.

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Climate News Network, 25 Aug 2020: Batteries boost Californian hopes of cooler future