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Beyond energy efficiency – can energy sufficiency deliver?

(14 Nov 2018)

On 14 November eceee is launched a new website: 'Energy Sufficiency', to be found at  If you have ever wondered how we can go beyond energy efficiency to deliver deeper, lasting cuts in energy use while at the same time improving well-being, have a look at this new resource.

The site gathers together materials from eceee's Energy Sufficiency Project; thought-provoking viewpoints, and links to events, forums and publications that will be of interest to anyone who wants to explore how we can live well, within the planet's limits.

Progress within boundaries

eceee’s energy sufficiency project doesn’t deliver definite answers to all questions. Rather it represents one outcome of a collaborative process where we explore options to progress within planetary boundaries. It provides concept papers and workshop reports from the project as well key papers and external resources for all to explore.

We do hope it will stimulate discussion and thought. We will continue to add more material to the site over the coming year.

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