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Rwanda submits tougher emission-cutting plan to the UN

(Climate Change News, 21 May 2020) Rwanda is the first African country to submit a tougher climate target to the UN, promising to cut emissions at least 16% by 2030 compared with a business-as-usual baseline

Subject to technical, financial and technological support from richer nations, the small landlocked country said that could go up to a 38% emissions cut in the next decade.

The submission marks a commitment to climate action from the country of 12.5 million people as governments around the world are reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.

Under its first climate plan presented in 2015, Rwanda set out a number of policies to reduce emissions but without a quantifiable target. The target’s sectorial scope was also extended and now includes hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

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Climate Change News, 21 May 2020: Rwanda submits tougher emission-cutting plan to the UN