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Sweden not on track to meet climate targets, warns expert agency

(EurActiv, 22 Mar 2024) Sweden’s climate policies are leading to a short-term increase in emissions and putting the country on a path to miss its 2030 reduction target, according to a report published on Thursday by a government policy review board.

Sweden’s coalition government – led by conservative Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson of the Moderate Party and backed by the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats – made decisions in 2023 that will increase emissions in 2024, according to the Swedish Climate Policy Council.

However, a report by the Swedish Climate Policy Council (CPC), a leading expert body in the country, has rejected the government’s climate policy outright.

“Policy adopted in 2023 will increase emissions and does not lead towards the fulfilment of Sweden’s climate goals and EU commitments by 2030,” said the report by the council, which was set up by the previous government in 2018.

In particular, the Council said measures announced in the budget presented in September, such as a reduced fuel tax, put climate ambitions at risk.

But it also lamented the lack of concrete measures in the government’s “Climate Policy Action Plan”, a roadmap that the government is required by law to produce every four years.

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EurActiv, 22 Mar 2024: Sweden not on track to meet climate targets, warns expert agency