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UK's children denied basic human right to clean air, says Unicef

(The Guardian, 28 Sep 2018) Young people face a long term ‘health crisis’ unless the government acts to clean up pollution, says children’s charity.

Children in the UK are being denied their basic human right to breathe clean air and facing a long term “health crisis” because of the toxic fumes they breathe on their way to and from school, according to leading children’s charity Unicef.

The organisation, which campaigns on children’s rights and wellbeing around the world, described the situation in the UK as “horrific” and has announced it is to make protecting youngsters from air pollution its priority across the country in the months ahead.

“I have been amazed as the picture has emerged showing us just exactly what the impact of air pollution is on children in the UK,” said Alastair Harper from Unicef UK.

“Research is coming out all the time showing us how these toxic emissions can lead to lasting and devastating health impacts, impacts that will last their entire lives, from stunted lung growth to asthma to brain developments. It is horrific.”

Unicef’s intervention follows a series of new studies which highlight the impact of the UK’s air pollution crisis on children’s health and will increase the pressure on government to intervene.

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The Guardian, 28 Sep 2018: UK's children denied basic human right to clean air, says Unicef