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What’s the key to climate action? Better communication

(Context, 23 Jan 2023) Cities that invest in effectively getting climate messages out can drive faster change.

Michael Shank is director of engagement for the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and Esa Nikunen is director general of environment services for Helsinki.

Have you ever been to the doctor and thought that they could be a lot better at communicating the newfound diagnosis and treatment plan? Or been to the mechanic and thought they might be upselling a fix, using words that you’re not familiar with? Or had a contractor install a heat pump and thought they could use some help communicating how it all works?

If so, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there with some expert.

Now, the same thing is happening in the climate and environmental space. New research from the Finnish Environment Institute, published recently in Environmental Research Communications, highlights a gap – in municipalities, specifically – between climate action and communication.

Given limited resources, climate communication is done by those doing climate work, not by communication experts. The result? A confusion along the lines of what we witness at the doctor’s office, the auto shop, or the contractor’s visit.

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Context, 23 Jan 2023: What’s the key to climate action? Better communication