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Africa is on the verge of a building boom. Will it be green?

(Context, 5 Apr 2024) Fast-growing African countries could spearhead a green revolution in construction but investment and materials are still lacking.

As African countries race to build homes for their soaring populations, material shortages and under-investment threaten to limit the scope of a green revolution in the continent's construction industry.

The building boom presents a huge opportunity to turbocharge Africa's clean energy transition by adopting green design techniques and climate-friendly materials to slash the emissions caused by building houses.

About 70% of the buildings that will exist in Africa in 2040 are yet to be constructed. So making these buildings greener - like building them with renewable materials or making sure they require less energy to run - could have a major climate impact.

It could also determine how protected people are from the effects of the climate emergency, which is sparking longer and more frequent droughts, storms and floods across Africa. 

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Context, 5 Apr 2024: Africa is on the verge of a building boom. Will it be green?