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Germany surpasses 400,000 plug-in solar PV “balcony power plants”

(Clean Energy Wire, 8 Apr 2024) The number of households in Germany operating solar panels on their balcony continued to rise rapidly since the start of the year.

More than 50,000 mini plug-in PV systems usually consisting of one or two solar panels — dubbed “balcony power plants” — were registered in the first quarter of 2024, taking the total to over 400,000, according to data by the country’s grid agency (BNetzA), as seen in report from newswire dpa. In mid-2023, the number of registered systems was 230,000. The total number of these systems is likely to be higher, as many are not yet registered.

Balcony power plants are a relatively simple and affordable way for both tenants and homeowners to save on electricity costs. The grid agency simplified the registration of mini PV systems further in early April in order to allow people “to participate in the energy transition as easily as possible." Germany aims to cover 80 percent of its electricity demand with renewable energy by 2030, mainly using wind power and photovoltaics. Demand for PV systems is set to increase further this year in Germany, even if the recent boom is likely to level off because it was partly fuelled by the energy crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, industry association BSW told dpa.

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Clean Energy Wire, 8 Apr 2024: Germany surpasses 400,000 plug-in solar PV “balcony power plants”