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‘Greenhushing’ is on the rise as companies go silent on climate pledges

(Inside Climate News, 17 Mar 2024) Facing backlash from both the left and right, companies are backing away from climate initiatives—at least publicly.

For years, eagle-eyed environmentalists have called out banks and consumer businesses—from Barclays to fashion brand ASOS—for making misleading claims that their practices or products are sustainable, otherwise known as greenwashing. 

However, lately there has been an uptick in “greenhushing,” a seemingly counterintuitive practice in which companies intentionally don’t publicize their climate-friendly actions and goals. 

For example, investment firm BlackRock has removed several references to its commitment of helping reach net zero emissions by 2050 from its website, though its CEO said the firm would continue to discuss climate issues with the companies it invests in, reports the Washington Post. Consumer goods companies, including those that sell food and beverages or clothes, are also hopping on the “greenhushing” bandwagon, despite taking steps toward sustainability, reports Grist

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Inside Climate News, 17 Mar 2024: ‘Greenhushing’ is on the rise as companies go silent on climate pledges