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Greenpeace disrupts international nuclear summit in Brussels

(EurActiv, 21 Mar 2024) Greenpeace activists disrupted the one-day Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels on Thursday (21 March), attended by some 40 delegations from across the world to explore the possibilities of collaborations in nuclear power.

On Thursday, Brussels hosted the international summit on nuclear energy (NES), which was organised by the Belgian EU Council presidency and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Greenpeace, known for its anti-nuclear activism and attention-grabbing actions, had one of its activists – who was suspended in mid-air – hold up a sign reading “Nuclear, fairytale” over the press area where leaders and representatives of some 40 delegations were expected to arrive.

However, although no delegation representatives or leaders were in the area at the time of the activists’ protest, French President Emmanuel Macron was expected with the press area subsequently evacuated for “security reasons”, including journalists.

Greenpeace denounces a “fairy tale”

When asked about the reasons for his action, the activist didn’t answer.

“Europe must not give in to the lobbies of the nuclear industry and the French government, which are seeking funds to finance ‘new nuclear’, Greenpeace denounces the lack of credibility of the nuclear revival, the costs, and the deadlines of this phantasmagorical project,” said the NGO in response to Euractiv’s coverage on X.

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EurActiv, 21 Mar 2024: Greenpeace disrupts international nuclear summit in Brussels