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Energy sufficiency in buildings: A new concept paper from eceee's sufficiency project

(eceee Press Release, 15 May 2019) New eceee paper explores energy sufficiency in buildings. The paper looks at a number of aspects involved in making buildings truly sufficient, including the ways in which we live and use them.

What is an energy sufficient building? How far from this are the buildings we currently live and work in? How can we encourage more sufficient buildings that enable us to live better? Our report explores these questions and offers suggestions for the way forward.

There are many ways to move towards greater energy sufficiency in our buildings.  We can choose to use less space.  We can also choose to use our space more effectively, constructing more flexible buildings that can be used differently as our needs change.

This Concept Paper examines the types of buildings we need to build, and also the way we build them, the equipment we use to heat them and our behaviour as we use them. It also looks at European trends and highlights innovative building design.

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