The sufficiency project at eceee's Summer Studies

The energy sufficiency project was featured at eceee's 2017 Summer Study entitled Consumption, efficiency & limits! 3–8 June we're bringing sufficiency to the 2019 Summer Study in Presqu'ïle de Giens, France.

Energy sufficiency was a key theme of the 2017 eceee summer study.  Participants enjoyed plenary presentations from Prof Tim Jackson and Yves Marignac and were invited to participate in a workshop run by the eceee energy sufficiency project. The workshop focused on how people react to the idea of energy sufficiency: is it seen as a good thing or a bad thing.  The aim was to think about how it can best be presented in a positive way to people who are new to the idea, and how negative reactions can be overcome.  

Policitcal suicide or just living well withing the limits?

The workshop generated the following conceptual image (Click image to enlarge):

Is efficient sufficient? Theme in 2019

Energy sufficiency will also be featured at the 2019 Summer Study, where the theme Is efficient sufficient? has been chosen. Join us at Club Belambra, Presqu'île de Gien, in the South of France. Visit the Summer Study web site for more information.